Before I Go to Sleep – S.J Watson

Original book title: Before I Go to Sleep
Author: S.J Watson
Publisher: Bazar förlag , 346 pages
Language: Swedish
Original language: English
Year of publication:  2011

Every morning, Christine discovers she has lost her memory. She knows nothing about her life after a difficult accident twenty years earlier. Her husband helps her put the pieces together. To handle everyday life, she begins to write a diary. But Christine starts to feel that something is wrong, terribly wrong.

This book has been on my bookshelf for several years and I finally found a gap to squeeze it into my tbr for April. I have been very curious about this book and had far too high expectations. And of course, it did not live up to those expectations.

It was a combination of several things that made me not like this book. First of all, I couldn’t stand the main character, Christine; she lacked depth and was extremely awkward. I had no sympathy for her, which made it harder for me to get drawn into the history. Another thing was the language. It’s incredibly poor and thin. The story itself becomes repetitive when Christine wakes up every morning without any memory.

The story itself is relatively illogical. For the sake of the story, I can buy that Christine is losing her memory every morning and that she does not remember anything after the accident, but those around her, her close relatives’ reactions and choices are completely incomprehensible to me. I don’t want to reveal much but the other characters in this book are useless.

The good thing about this book was the feeling of instability that consistently followed the story. At times the story gets very exciting despite its predictability. At the end, the story takes off. Otherwise, it was a bit of a slow story with a fast-paced ending.

I will probably not read anything more by Watson but I saw that there is a movie based on this book so I will probably see the movie.


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