One of Us Is Lying – Karen M. McManus

Original book title: One of Us Is Lying
Author: Karen M. McManus
Publisher: Storyside
Language: Swedish
Original languageEnglish
Year of publication: 2017 
FormatAudiobook, 10h 40m 

Five students at Bayview High settle down in their classroom for quarrying: Bronwyn, the clever girl. Addy, school’s most popular girl. Nate, a badboy with dot in the registry. Cooper, baseball god. And Simon, who runs Bayview Highs most popular gossip blog. But only four of them get alive from there.

I had high expectations when I started reading/listening to this book. But with an intrigue like this, it could either be really good or really bad.
This book is filled with stereotypes. I mean, all the main characters are a wandering clichés in themselves. We have the nerd, beauty queen, sports freak and the bad boy. Despite all the stereotypes, I think Karen M. McManus succeeds in keeping both the intrigue and the characters interesting. This is McManus debut and it’s an incredibly smart and strong one.

This is an exciting thriller where the characters grow along with the intrigue. For each chapter, we get to know the characters a bit more and then see that there is much more to them than you first imagined. While McManus gives us an exciting novel, she also shows us how bad it can get with cyber-bullying.


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